Living Alone with My Son is Very Possible

There are so many interesting apartments in Shawnee KS and I was loving the thought of finding a really nice one for myself and my son. We had been living with roommates for 2 years because, as a single mom, I thought it would be a smart way to get help with paying my monthly bills. When your rent, electricity and phone are split three ways with roommates, that can be so helpful. But as it sometimes turns out with roommates, trouble occured. I learned that it is a good idea to simply take the time to find a really good apartment that comes at a good price. It means that you have full control over what happens in your own residence.

The people that I lived with told me that they are young professionals who are very motivated workers. They also both mentioned that they are quiet, stay home alot and they spend most of their time focusing on work. Well, one of them was very focused on work, but the other one was not. The one who was not, was fired just 8 months after I moved in, and then she took another 6 months to find a job. I had to pitch in extra money to help pay for all of our bills because she acted like she was looking for a job, but she was not. Separately, the other roommate was focused on her job, but in her downtime, she liked to have friends over often. They were often loud, and it either woke my son up or upset him.

I spent two weekends checking out as many different apartment buildings as possible. This enabled me to find something super inexpensive. And the place that I found is much nicer than the place that I lived in with other people. It just makes sense to do a little legwork to find a good deal for yourself.